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To Come Soon!!!

2009-03-16 18:51:22 by squasher5

soon, i will launch my 1st animation called How Many Licks? its about a boy who just wants to know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop. I'm almost done with the animation, and it should be out this week :D


2009-03-02 21:36:40 by squasher5

new song out! check it out. its called," Why So Shy???" hope you like it, its my 2nd one so its better than the 1st. check it out and enjoy! :D

Solo Rock

2009-03-01 04:43:39 by squasher5

i uploaded it, under judgment i think. im not sure if it uploaded though. its not on my home page or anything... ill wait a bit. if i dont get notice in a couple of days, then ill re-upload it... :D